The Standards Organization of Nigeria, (SON) has impounded over two thousand substandard gas cylinders in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Addressing journalists in Enugu, the Director Inspectorate and Compliance Department, (ICD) of the Agency, Mr. Obiora Manafa, said the personnel of the Organization raided the factory in Onitsha, Anambra State where the cylinders were been fabricated and confiscated them.

According to Mr. Manafa, the cylinders would be destroyed, recycled and used for other things, having obtain necessary approvals by the court to conficate the items.

Mr. Manafa noted that the locally fabricated cylinders was potential bomb.

“They don’t have the capability, they don’t have the competence. So if you look at what we have here, these are potential bombs that anybody taking any of these cylinders into his or her house is putting a bomb in his house, that’s for sure.

“We thank God that we got all these cylinders because these cylinders would have gone to homes, ignorant people, innocent people, when they see it because of the prices they will want it; people will rush to buy without knowing that they’re putting bombs in their houses, and nobody knows how many people it would have killed if it had gotten into the market,” Mr. Manafa remarked.

Mr. Manafa advised members of the public to always purchase SON certified cylinders in any of authorized outlets for their safety and security.

While urging gas users to Keep their cylinders outside the kitchen, he also advised that metal glass fiber cylinders was recommended, stressing that they are safer and do not explode.

“When you want to buy cylinders in the markets, look out for cylinders that have (SON) product registration number. That number shows that the cylinder has gone through the SON conformity assessment process, and it’s traceable to even the importer and manufacturer.

“So once you see that number, it has gone through our conformity programme, so that’s very, very important.

“Also look out for the year of manufacture of the cylinder to ensure you’re not buying an old cylinder. Another thing is that, you don’t buy used cylinders. Used cylinders are contraband.

“All these people importing used cylinders, any used cylinders we see, we impound it because it’s dead on arrival, because it’s a death sentence. So buy brand new cylinders certified by SON,” he insisted.

Mr. Manafa said the maximum number of years for gas cylinders was fifteen years.

He maintained that the SON was commited to stopping substandard products into the market and the country.