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By Ekene Odigwe  Education gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers the opportunity for us to apply knowledge wisely. Irrespective of tribe, race, creed, and gender, education makes it possible for people to stand out as equals with other persons from different walks of life. Currently, …

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Renewable energy business opportunities in Nigeria….@Ekeneodigwe

” To be passionate about Africa is to believe in Africa, understand Africa” The above words from Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, the Founding Board member of African Innovation Foundation (AIF) were enough motivation for Justus Nwaoga, the Chief Technologist in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry University of …

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Take me seriously, says Education to Nigeria

Education has been proven to continually play vital role in our lives; the UN explains that obtaining a quality education underpins a range of fundamental development drivers but how does one in a country like Nigeria have access to quality education, understand what Inclusive Education is about and in turn …

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Support systems are relied on when things aren’t going well or when one is not feeling too great. Havens knows we all need support and encouragement every now and then, for it is such a tough road to walk alone. Take Emeka for instance when the doctor told him that …

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Ending Female Genital Mutilation is an advocacy for all

Isatu, grew up in Lagos but originally from Maiduguri. The parents are of middle class but the grandmother who regularly visits is of the opinion that because Ahmed (the son) married an uncut woman (Marian) their generation is cursed and that Isatu will never neither marry nor be fruitful, therefore …

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The chess play with human lives

The disaster started in the early seventies and has defied all manners of communal effort made in the past to combat it, the erosion threats takes its roots from Catherine rest house road (near beach junction) Nsukka that serves as confluence center for all flood collection in Nsukka main town. …

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