112 year old woman credits her 30 cigarette a day habit for living so long.

imagesA Nepalese woman has defied science by living to the ripe old age of 112 — despite her 30-cigarette-a-day habit.

Batuli Lamichhane who is 112 years old credits reaching her age to smoking 30 cigarettes a day for 95 years a habit she took up when she was 17 years old and hasn’t stopped since.

Born in March 1903, the Nepalese woman said smoking had helped her outlive everyone else in her village, including almost all of her own children.

She also has an unusual technique to get her nicotine fix. Instead of holding a cigarette with her index and middle finger, Lamichhane uses her entire right fist, which she then holds to her mouth to inhale.

“I don’t really care how old I am,” she said. “But I am old nonetheless. I have seen a lot of things change during my lifetime. I have been smoking for over 95 years. There is nothing wrong with smoking.”

But Ms Lamichhane hasn’t been smoking commercially made cigarettes – she smokes handmade “beedis” – tobacco wrapped in tendu leaf.

“People of this modern age have too much stress,” she said. “And those who do not work or are idle in their old age won’t live long. So you have to be active and stress free. You should always be happy, then you will live a long life.”

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