UNC entreats parents and guardians to avoid all forms of child abuse

1The United Nation’s Convention on the rights of the child is a human rights treaty setting out the civil political, economic, social and cultural rights of the children. The convention generally defines the child as any human being under the age of 18 and deals with the child’s specific needs and rights. For instance the convention promotes a conducive environment for proper development and protection from child labour but it is still a common practice in many parts of the country including Enugu state to see under aged children employed as house helps and they are often denied the opportunity for proper development. A child under 15 years who is serving as house help shares his experience.

What is the implication of such experience, in the development of a child? Prof. Peter Ebigbo is the national president African Netherland for prevention and protection against child abuse and neglect.

Prof. Ebigbo entreated parents and guardians to avoid all forms of abuse on wards entrusted to them, also reacting to the development and an equal based lawyer Mr. Cosmas Okolo describe it as a violation at the rights of a child.

Speaking on the need for proper nurturing of children two parents Mr. Agbo King and Mrs. Ugomma Ezekwesi advised members of the public to take proper care of Children weather or not they are their biological children in the interest of the Nation.

The responded added that violation of their rights in such a manner could lead to inferiority complex and depression later in life.

As compiled by Angela Effiong



Angela Effiong
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