photoIn the past, dealing in photographic materials upon which the business of photography based, attracted the fancy of young men as it sustained them economically. Today, modern technology has introduced digital photography, computer sets which have in no small measure affected the business.

In this report, our Business News desk examines the effect of this development and the present economic state of the country on the viability of the business. Photographic materials include cameras, films, photo printers, printing papers, laminating materials and video lights.

Others accessories are batteries and photo frames.  At most all the materials are employed in the making of a single photography.  The ability to combine these materials appropriately determines the quality of photograph and distinguishes the photography. A cross section of people interviewed explained more on the impact of modern technology on the business of photography materials.

“This issue of IPAD, all of them come with Camera and they even snap with them.”

“It is affecting even Photo dealers and photographers.”

 Mr Sam Anieze who deals on photographic materials said  prices of all the items mentioned had soared and the situation was affecting sales. He outlined a number of challenges which they were facing as a result of the present economic situation.

“Camera we use to buy 50,000 is now 100,000 the one of 100,000 before is now 150,000. Some even tripled. We have few customers now coming to buy photo materials.”

Another dealer, Mr Uchenna Nwosu also complained bitterly about low patronage and attributed the situation to global economic recession. Mr Nwosu however appealed to people in positions of authority to introduce certain economic measures to remedy the situation. According to him, the situation has been so bad that some of them cannot, afford to even pay rent for their shops while some goods in their shops like films and batteries expire thereby becoming a loss to them. A graduate commercial photographer and retired civil servant, Mr Alphonsus Azodo corroborated the stories of the dealers.

We need to get people who know how to balance the equation in the economy so that will be halted from going up and down”.

But a Senior Citizen of Nigeria whose major hobby is photography Mr Chuka Uzor has a divergent view of the development.

“If you go to a Photographer now to cover an event, he will charge thousands of naira, but if you do it yourself you will save money,  and at your convenient.”

In all, it is hoped that if the economy is better managed by experts, the situation will augur well for all and sundry.