14045378321_da0aeafab1_bNigeria today joins global community to mark World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The day provides a platform to reaffirm the need for inter cultural dialogue to prevent segregation and fundamentalism. Objectives of the day is to deepen peoples understanding of the values of  cultural diversity and to advance the four goals of the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions adopted on 20th October, 2005.

Speaking on the significance of the event, a former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, who is currently the Commissioner for Inter-Governmental Affairs, Enugu State, Mr. Chika Ogbe, says that cultural diversity is a driving force for development with regards to economic growth.

“Culture is a kind of an understanding among the people of an area and that knowledge of the custom and understanding about their culture will now help them to dialogue, it will now help them to come to an understanding of their way of life.”

A public affairs analyst, Mr. Tony Udeh, stressed the need for people to embrace and tolerate other people’s culture, irrespective of cultural barriers or differences.

“Living together under a general atmosphere without crisis, engender love or rather ensure development. Once you respect my view, I respect your view, you respect my culture, I respect your own culture; we won’t have any problem.”

Also on the relevance of the day, the Secretary, Enugu State Justice Reform Team, Chief Tom Anyafurudeh, explains that the law frowns at any culture that contravenes chapter four of the 1999 constitution as the constitution does not promote culture that is against fundamental human rights.

“A culture that is repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience can never and will never be promoted by the law. They cannot promote development because they retrogressive and oppressive.”

Activities to mark the day include exhibitions to help people understand other people’s cultures, seminars and visit to museum.