Poor sanitary condition of abattoirs in Anambra State poses serious concern to residents.

abator2In continuation of stories on the condition of abattoirs in the South East, our focus is on Anambra State where we hear that people of the area are worried about the sanitary situation of the slaughter houses and its attendant health implications.

Abattoir is a Public House where animals such as cows, sheep, goats, cattle and rams  are slaughtered.  One of the residents of the area, Mr. Tony Okafor believes that abattoirs in the State are in  sorry state.

            “The one inKwata junction is almost  in somebody’s house with its attendant health problem and air pollution. The one at Umunya is like, call it a nuisance. The one at Amansea is as bad as others“

 Another resident, Mrs. NkechiNwafor says the state of abattoirs in the State needs an urgent improvement  because of the health implications of the environment on the people of the area.

Mrs. Nwafor explains that some  of the sicknesses people suffer from may be as a result of eating unhygienic food.

`Let the government assist them to make this place look better than this“

Speaking on the issue, the Chairman of the Obinwanne Butchers Association, Kwata, Nze Simon Nwozo alleged that the State and Local Governments were collecting multiple levies  from them without putting necessary infrastructure in place.

            “We are begging the State and Local Governments to come and help us for this new abattoir to make it be like others,  like Enugu and Kaduna abattoirs.“

Reacting to the issue, the Commissioner for Environment in the State, DrRomanusEjikeme said the present administration was doing all it could to improve the state of abattoirs in the area.

He debunked the allegation that the State Government  was collecting multiple levies from the butchers.

“Anambra State Government had taken it upon itself to build a befitting abattoir at Amansea ,so when you go there all what you need will be there.“

 Dr. Ejikeme maintained that the State Government hired some agents to be cleaning all the abattoirs in the area.



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