radio3On the occasion of World Radio Day, Nigerians are advised to cultivate the habit of listening to radio for effective dissemination of information.

Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria Commenced in 1933 with the introduction of the Radio Diffusion Service, RDS, by the British Colonial Government.

The service then allowed members of the Public to listen to the British  Broadcasting Corporation, BBC foreign radio service in certain public locations, via loud speakers across the country.

In 1950, the Radio Diffusion System metamorphosed into  Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC which had stations in Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Kaduna and Kano.

Later in 1978, the Manger of NBC and the Broadcasting Corporation of Northern Nigeria brought about what is known today as the Federal Radio Corporation of  Nigeria, FRCN.

As time passed by, various state governments established their own radio stations.

With the liberalization of broadcasting in the country, many private radio stations emerged, breaking government monopoly of that medium of communication.

Due to the effectiveness of Radio and its unique power to impact on the lives of people, in 2011, the United Nations, Educational Scientific and  Cultural Organization set  aside the thirteenth  of February as World Radio Day.

Speaking on the theme of this year’s celebration, “Radio is You” the Zonal Director, National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, Enugu Zone, Mrs. Susan Obi said that radio as a foremost and easily accessible medium of communication had been in the forefront of agenda setting and Character moulding in the society.

‘’Radio is You, then you are the person you want others to be, you are now the person you want government to be, you are the change agent. Since radio is you, you are now that person that you are looking up to.’’

The Zonal Director Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Enugu National Station, Mr. Ike Okere, while commenting on the numerous attributes of radio as a medium of communication that had transformed lives, expressed the belief that radio would continue to stand the test of time.

‘’Radio signal can be received almost everywhere on planet eart,. Radio will migrate into multiple platforms in the future, you will be able to receive radio on your fridge, on your internet.’’

An ardent listener to radio and President General, Ihe Autonomous Community,  Agwu Local Government area of Enugu State, Comrade Tony Udeh explained how much he loved the Radio.

‘’6am news of Radio Nigeria is my first point of call, I listen to radio on daily basis. In my office I have my radio there, my room I have a radio.’’

A Cross section of Nigerians who gave their impressions about radio, said occasional poor signals often limit their interest to Radio Broadcast.

‘’Through radio we can hear what we wouldn’t have heard, I believe they are doing well.’’

‘’Radio is always good for both people at the village. Even when you are working, you can put ear piece in your ear and listen.’’

However, some of the respondents call for introduction of more exciting programmes and improvement on existing ones so as not to lose more people to the social media which is fasting becoming the medium of the future.