day2World Metrological Day is marked on 23rd March  every year. The day was established by the World Metrological organization in 1950 following the first International Metrological congress in Vienna, Austria in 1873.

The day which became a global observance since 1961, plays a crucial role in raising awareness on people’s safety and welfare, as well as providing food, security, water resources and transport. It features events such as conferences, symposia and exhibitions for metrological professionals, community leaders and civil society.

Speaking on the significance of this year’s theme, “Understanding Clouds”, the Wing Commander 113 Helicopter Combat Training Group, Nigeria Air Force, Commander Adedoyin Komolafe stresses the need for flight operators across the country to understand and consider weather conditions before embarking on journey.

Commander  Komelap who was speaking with Radio Nigeria in Enugu explained that clouds being one of the key uncertainties  in the study of climate change played a critical role in water cycle and shaping of global distribution of water resources.

‘’Weather conditions affect some of our flight operations. It is mandatory  you check weather report before you embark on any journey, like rain clouds are dark. So all pilots are trained to understand clouds and what clouds indicate.’’

 Wing Commander Komolafe while stressing the need for flight operators to regularly attend basic training on metrology noted that most air crashes occur when pilots were unable to see mountains, rocks or hills due to formation of vertical rain clouds associated with thunderstorms, known as “chali Bravos”.

Also speaking on the event, the Flying Officer, 113 Helicopter Combat Training Group, Nigeria Air Force, Wonyimiezi Oweifighe said pilots were normally briefed about weather conditions before they proceed on any mission. Flying Officer, Oweifighe observed that well equipped aircrafts were paramount for optimal performance of flight operations.