Mobility has evolved beyond smartphones, says BlackBerry

MOBILITY is the future. That has become an acceptable cliché in the technology eco-system today. However, a lot of people see the evolution of the smart phone and tablets as the beginning and end of mobility. Much as the rapidly growing mobile environment gives huge essence to what mobility is all about, the Internet of Things, IoT platform, which requires both strong security and connectivity is gradually encompassing the totality of mobility. So, players in the mobile eco-system need not bottle themselves in the usual industry standard mold but should always innovate to keep up with the pace of development. That was exactly the point Chief Operating Officer, COO, of the Canadian smart phone maker, BlackBerry, Mr. Marty Beard was trying to make when he expressed frustrations at misinterpretations of his speech on how the company was building the quintessential BlackBerry experience, penultimate week. Beard said, “Last week we shared the latest plan to keep advancing our smartphone portfolio. Unfortunately, the news was misinterpreted by many from the media, tech observers, to our fans and customers.” “I made the rounds this week with the press to set the record straight, and the message was this – BlackBerry is not backing away from BB10. Our customers depend on the BB10 platform and they are the ones that drive our roadmap.That is why we are committed to not just maintaining BB10 software, but advancing it to be even more secure and provide greater productivity”. Beard said that the next 10.3.3 update coming within the next months, will be focused on enhancing already-stellar privacy and security features while future BB10 software updates for 2017 are already in the works. “Our customers also help us decide what type of keyboard we make for them. And what they ask for is choice in both a virtual and physical keyboard. “This means we’ll continue to make our iconic BlackBerry keyboard. We have four physical keyboard options that we currently offer: Passport, Passport Silver Edition, Classic and PRIV. There is solid demand for physical keyboards – and as long as that’s the case, we’ll continue to make them. For virtual keyboard fans, you have Leap and PRIV . “Now that you know we’re committed with BB10, let me explain why BlackBerry’s device strategy is truly unique. It’s differentiated because it goes beyond just smartphones. “Our view is the rapidly growing mobile environment is quickly being encompassed by an IoT world that requires both strong security and connectivity.”

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