Physical exercises has been described as a vital tool for healthy living.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Enugu State Governor on Community Relations, Chief Okezie Nwanjoku stated this during the inauguration of the Gymnasium Centre at FRCN Enugu.


The inauguration started with a road walk from FRCN broadcast station to the Ekulu Primary School round about.

Chief Nwanjoku, commended FRCN for initiating the centre for its staff and the public, as a healthy people was a healthy nation.

“Quite innovative, people that make up the nation must be healthy and for you to be healthy you have to get physical training and I believe the centre here is going to train people physically. I commend the establishment for putting (up) this. It is not only for members of staff here, it’s for the public and that is why they allowed me register.”


The Enugu State Commissioner for Sports, Mr. Joseph Udedi encouraged the public to engage in physical exercises to enhance he


althy living. “Because if you are physically fit, you can play ball, you can play tennis, you can play other games.”


While delivering a health talk during the event, a nutritionist, Mrs. Linda Ekon advised people to imbibe the culture of taking vegetables, fruits and nuts as well as embark on regular exercise to

improve their body system.

“The world Health Organisation have (sic) recommended that exercises should be done at least for 60 minutes, if not every day, you can do it twice in a week and it can go a long way to help your system.”

Earlier in a speech, the Zonal Director FRCN Enugu National Station, Mr. Ike Okere explained that the aim of the gymnasium centre w


as to enhance the staff, and public fitness and also revenue generation.

“To be a place where people are happy and people can forget all troubles outside there and this way we can all be more productive. It is recommended that every human being needs to have vigorous exercise of at least one hour minimum of three times a week.”

Mr. Okere who announced the existence of a fitness club advised the public to join the club as members could participate in the gymnasium exercise.

He narrated some of the activities to take place in the centre to include table tennis and fitness for couples.

“Bring your children. We are going have who is going to be able to lose their weight speedily.”

Mr. Ike Okere also explained that in addition to its economic importance, the gymnasium would also enhance the physical fitness of the workers.

“One of the ways to be productive is to be healthy, if you want to be productive you have be healthy.”

Also, the coach from Enugu State Ministry of Sports, Mrs. Melo Nwaokikie maintained that physical exercise scared off diseases from the body.

She explained the use of t


he various machines in the different sections of the gymnasium centre.

“We have the gym section where we you are opportune to use the machines. We also have the aerobic sections where we use the mouth for the exercises and then we have the massage section. Please come around. It is a gym meant for all categories of people no matter your sex, age or group.”

In an interview, an aged Catholic Monsignor, the Reverend Father Charles Ikeme observed that appropriate and constant exercise was indispensible for proper functioning of the mind.

The FRCN Deputy Director Administration, Mr. Sam Anyanwu and Mrs. V.C Mmadu expressed joy for the gymnasium centre.

“There is always need f

or everyone to participate in physical fitness and physical exercise and this is an opportunity for anyone that ha


s such dream.“I like to be vibrant always. I feel fine because it is a practice that I do always. So this is an avenue to continue the exercise for life.”




Meanwhile, a competition in different sports activities is expected to take place before the end of November 2017.