In 1944, the United Nations in collaboration with UNICEF set aside every November 20 as Universal Children’s Day.

The Day aims at encouraging fraternity and understanding among children globally and advocates the protection of children’s rights.

According to the UNICEF, Teachers are expected to stimulate pupils by making them to talk about the differences between themselves and others as well as explain the idea of “Rights” to them.

Speaking on the significance of the event, the Secretary, Enugu State Justice Reform Team, Chief Tom Anyafurudeh noted that parents and all sectors of the society have their responsibility towards enhancing the welfare and overall development of the child.

“Your rights under child’s right law are justice-able. There are obligations under the law for parents or people who act as parents for children. So parents or guardians have their responsibilities under the law to enforce the rights of the child. The society also has its own obligation, the government also has obligation towards the welfare of children.”

Chief Anyafulude who pointed out that children had the right to seek redress at the law court whenever their rights were abused.

“The specific provisions under the Child Rights Law are the rights to survival and development; the right to health and health services; the right of a child to free, compulsory and universal primary education. So these are some of the specific rights that apply under the child rights law in a state that has adopted or domesticated the Child Rights Act.

“The Child Rights Law makes provision for the protection of the child’s rights. So a child who has capacity can sue; a guardian can sue on behalf of the child,” he said.

In an interview, a Mother and Proprietress of a Private School in Enugu, Mrs. Tessy Igweani noted that it was necessary for the citizenry to accord children proper sense of belonging in the society.

“As a people, we should ensure that our children, they, are getting quality education. It helps us to do a kind of score sheet to know how of the children’s right we are able to protect and preserve.”

Some children and parents gave their solicited the support and co-operation of fellow children and their parents to their development.

The girl has the right to choose what she wants in life.

“Parents allow your daughters to go to school.

“Children they should stop being stubborn because the parents really want the best for them.

“The children, they should on their own not decide not to go to school; they should try their best to go to school, have fun and be good children.

“If we don’t carry children along in some of the things that we do they will really go astray.”

Class activity, where children could interact on their rights, was one of the activities to mark the day.