Reporter : NWANGENE

The Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Reverend Emmanuel Chukwuma says Nigerians have every reason to thank God for sparing their lives to see another Christmas.

In a Christmas message, the Most Reverend Chukwuma said 2020 had been a difficult one for Nigeria, considering unfortunate events that befell it, such as, insecurity, #ENDSARS, and kidnapping.

He said that Christmas should be a period to celebrate the grace of God upon humanity, and hope for Nigeria and the world.

The Archbishop described Christmas as a time to show warmth of love and conviviality among the faithful but noted that people should not lose sight of Jesus Christ as the Centre piece of the celebration.

“Christmas without Christ is crisis, and so it is time for us now therefore to turn a new leaf, to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal saviour and imbibe the spirit love, care, concern, sharing and pursue peace among ourselves, so we want to say that there is hope for Nigeria, there is hope for the whole world if we believe in Jesus Christ,” he admonished.

The Anglican Archbishop called on the leaders to step up activities to improve on the economy, epileptic power supply and unemployment.

“It is a time for government to remember that we have suffered a lot and therefore poverty should be eradicated. All these budgets that we’re hearing should be implemented accordingly.

“We have to pray to God for aboundance in our nation, Nigerians are hungry, we need food. Nigeria economy is so bad, we need the economy to improve. Nigeria is insecured, we need security at this particular time,” the high priest insisted.

Archbishop Chukwuma further called on the government to ensure that the 2021 Budget was implemented to enhance the living standard of Nigerians.