The Catholic Bisbishophop of Awka diocese, Most Rev Paulinus Ezeo­kafor, has tasked Ni­gerians to go back to agriculture to save the country from im­pending hunger.

In a chat with newsmen over the present economic meltdown in the coun­try, Bishop Ezeokafor said that the situation was occasioned by the country’s over-depen­dence on oil as against diversification of the country’s economy.

According to him, “In spite of the present economic meltdown, we still have hope. Let us go back to ag­riculture. Our prob­lem is that we aban­doned what we have been surviving from and have depended on oil alone. A coun­try that cannot feed its citizens is heading for doom. Let us work to produce what we use and what we eat instead of depending on other nations to do it for us. That is what it means to believe in Nigeria.

“Most of our citi­zens do not share this perception. Every­thing they desire is foreign, and that is the reason for the present economic meltdown. Nigeria must survive, and its survival will depend on all of us”, Bishop Ezeokafor said.