JustUNIPORT 4 after University of Lagos was shut down by authorities following protest from students of the school. Students of University of Port Harcourt have also joined in with yet another protest and are reported to have blocked all entries and exits leading into the school in protest of the hike in the university’s tuition fee and other levies. The protest started as early as 5.00am and blocked all access roads leading to the institution, UNIPORT 2including the major East-West road UNIPORT 3and uniport road.

It was learnt that the institution jacked up  the  fees  to N47,000 since November 2015. Students were given up to 4 April , to pay up  or be de-registered as students of the university .

However students of the institution are saying the deadline given them to pay up is too short and should be extended. Students were reported to be marching towards Abuja earlier while access roads to the campuses had been barricaded.

According to reports from Y the protest which started peacefully turned bloody as students gather in protest and one of the student involved in the ongoing protest at the University was alleged to have been shot to death by an officer of the Nigeria Police Force. The victim of the shooting was identified as Faculty president of Management Science.