May 1st 2017 set as Deadline for N56,000 Minimum Wage Implementation – NLC

ayuba-wabba-nlc-2The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened a nationwide industrial action come May 1st next year if the Federal Government fails to commence implementation of the N56,000 new national minimum wage.

The President of the Congress, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, issued the warning during a meeting with some selected Labour Correspondents in Abuja.

Mr Wabba complained about the non-inclusion of the new wage increase in the budget for the 2017 fiscal year presented by President Muhammadu Buhari before the joint session of the National Assembly last week.

He stated that NLC would not guarantee Industrial peace in the country if the government fails to set up the tripartite committee to determine a new Minimum Wage in the country before May 1, 2017.

“The issue of minimum wage remains sacrosanct because of the fact that by law and practice, the review is due and overdue. I have said clearly that we cannot guarantee any industrial peace any longer if necessary steps are not taken by government to try to resolve this issue before the next May Day. This is very clear because as we said, we have sent formal notice of demand as required by law to government to try to constitute the Committee.

“Essentially, the committee to dialogue and negotiate the minimum wage which is supposed to be tripartite has not been set up. If it is set up, all of you will be aware of the membership and also their terms of reference and the timeline given to them to actually dispose with this very vital issue.

“The issue is so sensitive because of the fact that a lot of our members have actually been subjected to a lot of difficulties because the purchasing power of ordinary Nigerian workers has been reduced to virtually nothing because of the inflation in the system, the free fall of the naira and to compound it with high cost of goods and services. More so, most workers now cannot meet up with their daily needs, they can’t pay their rents, they can’t send their children to school.

“It is even more compounded because cost of goods and services has gone up. So, side by side with the issue of fighting corruption is also for workers to be paid a decent wage that they can be able to have a meaningful living, so, this is the challenge.”

He added: “They must see reason to try to accommodate it because the fact is very obvious that it is legitimately due both in law and practice and therefore this is our approach.

“Therefore let us not mix two things, is there a resistant to say that there will be no review of minimum wage? I am not sure I have heard that because by our constant interaction, the government has through the Minister of Labour said they are also willing to review the minimum wage. As I said earlier, we have made a formal demand, written and therefore if there is the need to review the template, we will do that at the table but that will have to be jointly. What we have submitted is N56,000 and therefore that N56,000 is still valid.”

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