summer classesHoliday lesson as it is known today used to be called Extra moral lesson and was introduced decades ago for only students in Senior and Junior Secondary Schools to enable them to revise their syllabus prior to their Examinations.

By so doing, the teachers would also make money and augment their wages that were either not paid on time or too poor to take care of their basic needs.

The practice is gradually becoming a tradition for many public and private secondaryschools as well as primary schools in the country.

Investigations reveal that Holiday lesson is presently more popular in private schools with the attendant monetary gains while those who patronize them are career parents who seek academic excellence for their children.

Though the practice is aimed at preparing school children for the task ahead, experts say its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.

A specialist in Guidance and Counseling attached to Ebonyi State Ministry of Education, Lady Agnes Onwe described Holiday lesson as counter-productive noting that those who developed school calendar considered a time to relax the brain.

A Psychologist, Mrs Cecilia Elom said there were other ways through which parents could engage their children meaningfully rather than over tasking their brain which sometimes result in boredom and diminishing return.

The Director Quality Assurance, Ebonyi State Universal Basic Education Board, Deacon Cyprian Egwu said though Holiday lesson was aimed at keeping school children busy, efforts should be made to ensure that the programme was in line with the education policy of the government.