MAMA_FRIENDS-CARTOONWhen one hears that a dictionary has been revised, it simply means that an alphabetical list of words and phrases supplied with definitions and/or translations have been added or at times have been removed in other to make it more accurate or realistic and bring out a version that is updated. This revision could be done yearly or biennially as the case may be.
‘Baby mama’ is a new term now in vogue which has insidiously crept into our subconscious dictionary.
With many of our celebrities who have titanic societal influence being guilty of this moral malaise and advertising it without shame, it is no shock that being a ‘baby mama’ is the next cool thing for many of our wanna-be youngsters. ‘Baby Mama’ is now a trend and…and it is fast becoming a culture.
‘Baby Mama’ could be defined as the mother of your child(ren), whom you did not marry in any conventional form and with whom you may not currently be involved with. Vocabularies like this were alien to us, only seen as a taboo and should not or never be mentioned let alone ascribed to you.
Not too long ago in our African society, being pregnant or having a child out of full paraphernalia of wedlock, that is without completing the official and acceptable procedure depending on the custom and tradition involved, is frowned at. And that a girl becomes pregnant without any suitor perceived or real is an outright abomination if not an irredeemable one which not only relegates the integrity of the girl in question but also casts a strong and long shadow of doubt on the moral probity of her family which is a pride of any African household.
This day, what used to be forbidden is now becoming accepted, what used to be profane has now become sacred and what used to be blasphemous is now becoming pious. The integrity of our existence as true human beings (not animals) is loosely held by the dregs of the original societal content of wisdom. The cart has now been put before the horse! This day Shame indeed is shamelessly seen as fame.
How did we come to this level of decadence? Of course the celebrities have been accused to be the major culprits in this saga. A celebrity is somebody who is known and recognized by people during his or her lifetime. Their being implicated in this matter has somehow fuelled the near acceptance of this negative surprise. In as much as blames and aspersions should be cast on these celebrities who seem to be unrepentant, more blame should go to the obviously increasing materialistic nature of our society and the endorsement of the inordinate desire for cheap recognition by her members, championed by the media.
The society through the media has made us to believe that we are at freedom to live our lives the way and manner our conscience permit us. Even if the conscience is a perverted or perplexed one. The consequences of obeying these consciences are grave and can only be imagined than understood. The consequences are enormous.
It desecrates the human person who is involved in this syndrome ‘baby mama’. It reduces the sacredness of marriage and true love. It damages the true persona of the child of such union. It turns human beings into animals who have no self-control and self-worth. It celebrates irresponsibility and gradually creates deviants and anarchy in the society. Like the monster of Frankenstein, the society is gradually creating a standard that is heading beyond her control and your guess of the penalties of such creation is as good as mine.
The negative surprise and gradual recognition ‘baby mama’ is a strange and an odd culture to us Africans. Before a culture is adopted especially one with deep, strong positive moral root, research should still be carried out to ascertain its short and long term implications because there will always be.
Baby Mama as an on –going trend is not acceptable to or in any traditional culture in the world that have respect and the dignity of the homo sapiens at her core.