Voice FM


 Voice fm .

Radio Land, Ikeagwu Village Nsukka, Nigeria.


Phone: 08164978777 or 08025252679.

Email: voicefmnsukka@gmail.com

GM. Aka Eze Aka akathelast@gmail.com; 08034101242

Marketing officers.

Head of Marketing: Mrs Chinyere Obi – 0836760045 ; email : atisoibo@yahoo.com

Mr. Ken Eze 08038995

 Our Programmes.
a. Voice Connect. Sunday; 11am- 12:30pm.
Synopsis – Phone-in programme to discuss very grave topical issues  especially involving sponsors or high placed individuals. Moderators: Aka Eze Aka/Eric Ilechukwu/Chukwuka Idu etc

b. Morning Cruise. Monday and Tuesday : Synopsis – Wake-up omnibus programme to highlight issues of the moment especially ones that will help the listener get through the day. It may involve relevant guests. Presenters Amaka Anazodo and Ekene Odigwe(M)/Onyekachi Aluu(T)

c. Umunwanyi Nsukka Debunu . Saturday ;10:30am
Synopsis – A recorded programme in Nsukka dialect to mobilize women in Nsukka area into meaningful social, economic as well as political responsibility. Presenters: Charity Olemadi (Ada-Nsukka)

d. Ndi Nsukka Unu Abõ. Thursday; 8am
Synopsis – A musical chitchat programme in grassroots Nsukka dialect involving indigenous folksongs and modern vibes from the area with a view to keeping the Nsukka people especially the grassroots folks abreast with current issues and development. The programme is interactive. Presenters Charity Olemadi and Fabian Onyishi

e. Sports with Osaze. Monday through Friday; 9:30am.
Synopsis – Consummate update and analysis of current sports events across the globe. Listen to Osazee once and you are addicted to Voice fm. Presenter is Osaze Michaels.

5. Voice fm Selling points: Through excellent presenters and conscious of the highly academic environment of our immediate audience,  we personalize our programmes to meet the demands of the people under our reach in clear signals and language or even dialect of the area.