Gov. Okorocha sets up 123-member Elders’ Council

Imo State Gover­no2016_06_15_93744r, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has set up a 135-member El­ders’ Advisory Council with five drawn from each of the 27 local government areas.
At the inauguration of the council at the Government House, Owerri, on Tuesday, Gov Okorocha said that beside their ad­visory role, the elders will also provide con­structive criticisms of the government.
He said that the gov­ernment took time to select members of the council to ensure that none of them is into partisan politics.
He said: “The Elders’ Council must be in­dependent. Members will always advise the government and of­fer the government constructive criticisms regularly. That is why we have made the council to be indepen­dent. We have also tak­en time in the choice of the members of the council to ensure that they are not into parti­san politics and do not have any strong politi­cal affiliation with any of the political parties or politicians. The es­sence is to ensure cred­ibility of their person­alities and what they set out to do.
According to Okorocha, the council will also serve as the bridge between the political parties, elders across Nigeria and even between politi­cians within and out­side the state.
He said the action is in line with his belief that elders are those who understand the past and have a clear view of the future.
Okorocha explained that members of the council are not below 70 years of age and have quit politics or the civil service, add­ing that they must be people of proven in­tegrity who would not be afraid to say the truth no mater whose ox is gored.
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