Youths in Enugu State are encouraged to imbibe the culture of community service as part of their contributions to development of the society.

A beauty pageant, Miss Somtochukwu Nnamani, known as “Ada 042 2020,” stated this when she led some youths to clean up the Ebeano Tunnel, Enugu.

The tunnel built over 15 years ago by the then Governor Chimaroke Nnamani led administration.

The tunnel, which links Okpara Avenue and Ogui Road, has been glaringly dirty for some years now.

Miss Nnamani explained that her desire for a clean and friendly environment propelled her her to initiate the exercise.

This is inline with the inaugural speech of a former American President, John F. Kennedy who said: “ask not what you can do for your country — ask what you can do for your country.”

For Miss Nnamani “as the Ada 042, I believe an Ada is to keep everywhere, like the home, clean. Enugu State is my home but the look of the tunnel is a whole mess and once in a while we should keep it clean.

“There are other places in Enugu too that deserve this kind of treatment but we will only take it a step at a time.”

Ada 042 2020 commended the Enugu State Fire Service for supporting the initiative with water and some of its personnel.

She advised fellow youths to channel their energy towards doing positive things, especially activities that would promote a better society, instead of leaving everything to the government in the quest for material acquisition.

“Enugu State deserves more cleanliness that it has now and everything cannot come from our leaders; we should help in anyway little way we can.

“So I encourage the youth to come out en mass; they should volunteer; everything is not about money.

“Like this project now is not funded by anybody. It is just in conjunction with the Enugu State Fire Service for the water and other minor things they provided us with,” Ada 042 remarked.

One of the volunteers and university undergraduate, Mr. Augustine Chimobi Okeke, said he was satisfied being part of such a programme, though he expressed displeasure with the volume of filth in the tunnel.

“I feel very happy because this little energy and time I can sacrifice them so that the state will keep moving.

“It is of great concern to me that this place has been left unkempt. I have been using shovel to pack sand, removing old posters of political campaigns and crusades, the posters here have been up to 3/4 years and sachet water bags and other rubbish that I don’t know and it’s an eyesore because this place is a place of aesthetics.

“Well, we can only do the much we can for the day because the job is quite enormous. So we need more hands,” Mr. Okeke stated.

He also noted that such spirited service might help redirect government’s attention to areas it’s failing to discharge its responsibilities.

In a telephone interview, the Enugu State Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Okwudiri Ohaa told Radio Nigeria that his agency supported the Clean-up because it was a noble idea that should be encouraged.

Mr. Ohaa called on other youths in Enugu State to embark on more community service to support the government of the day.