Special Report by : OBY ARINZE –

The business of Photography is one of many businesses that is currently thriving globally. In Nigeria alone, thousands of photographers are in the field making a living out of the venture.

Some photographers, who spoke with Radio Nigeria in Onitsha, admitted the profitability of the photography business, especially with the return of photography studios.

A photography studio is a workspace to take, develop, edit, print, record and duplicate photographs and videos.Photography has developed to the extend that it is one of the most skillful and creative businesses across the world.

A Photographer, Mr. Chuka Onwuatu, who owns a big studio in Onitsha, explained that he began as a student photographer while he was an undergraduate in 2016. He later ventured fully into the business upon graduation in 2019.

Mr. Onwuatu explained that starting up a good standard and professional photography studio, required at least two million Naira.
He emphasized that the business can only thrive, if it is strategically planned and positioned.

Mr. Onwuatu further listed a good camera, tripod, Lenses, lighting and studio space as some equipment needed to start a photography business. Mr. Onwuatu identified epileptic public power supply one of the challenges confronting the business.

For her part, Miss Chisom Akaya, who works in a photo studio, described the experience she had garnered so far as great.
Photographers, realizing the importance of enhancing facial looks and beauty, engage make-up artists in their studios.

Miss Irene Aduba, a make-up artist, explained that they work hand in hand with photographers to beautify clients, making the job of the photographers less cumbersome while editing the pictures using the computer.

The respondents, who noted that the business was highly profitable, advised youths still seeking white collar jobs to consider venturing in photography to make a living for themselves and become employers of labour.