NNPC seeks increase in royalty oil firms pay to government

The NigeriaNNPC-mega-station-in-Katsina-e1452690603465n National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has proposed an increase in royalty paid by oil companies to government as well as scrapping of investment tax credit.The NNPC stated that amendments to the Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Act would enable the Federal Government to optimise the collection of royalties and other revenue in deep water oil production activities.In a presentation to the Joint House of Representatives Committees on the amendment of the PSC Act and an Act to establish the National Oil and Gas Museum and Research Centre in Oloibiri, the NNPC Chief Operating Officer, Upstream, Bello Rabiu, said that it had become imperative to effect an increase in royalties across all categories to increase government revenue.
Under the proposed PSC royalty regime, the calculation of what is due to government shall be based on production and price to guarantee fairness and balance between PSC contractors and government.For royalty based on production within a tranche of 50, 000 barrels of crude per day, the NNPC is proposing a royalty tranche rate of 8.0 per cent.Under a production tranche of 50, 000 to 100, 000bopd, the royalty tranche rate would increase to 15.5 per cent and would escalate to 28.0 per cent once the production surpasses the 100, 000 bopd mark.

To calculate royalty based on price, NNPC proposed that under a $50 per barrel price regime, the tranche incremental royalty rate shall be zero per cent but the rate would increase to 0.30 per cent if the price hovers between the $50 to $100 mark.

In the same vein, a price regime of $100-$130 would attract royalty of 0.20 per cent while an increase of price between $130-$170 translate to royalty rate of 0.10 per cent.

A price regime of $170 and above would attract zero per cent royalty payment.The NNPC argued that in the alternative, the graduated royalty scale as provided in the Act should be removed while the Minister of Petroleum Resources should be empowered to intermittently set royalties payable for acreages located in deep offshore and inland basin production sharing contracts through regulations based on established economic parameters.

On the provision of investment tax credit, investment tax allowance and associated cost uplift and capital allowances to PSC contractors, the NNPC proposed an outright scrapping of the incentives.

The corporation called on the National Assembly to seek relevant inputs from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, to resolve the divergent opinions regarding the methodology for the computation of the taxes, which would arise as a result of the proposed royalty regime.


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