Some key players in the nation’s polity, want priority to be given to youth empowerment, workers’ welfare and favourable business environment to stem the tide of migration to Europe by Nigerians in search of greener pasture.

The rising number of deaths of Africans in the Mediterranean sea, the sale of people including Nigerians in Libya and the deaths of twenty six young Nigerian girls in Italy, is a wakeup call for fairness and sincerity in governance.

It is pathetic and painful seeing dead bodies including that of youths in their prime, women and sometimes toddlers, washed ashore the coast of Italy having drowned in their search for sanctuary and greener pastures.

Often, this victims were fleeing from conflicts, economic situation and extreme poverty in their home countries.

Trafficking in persons especially to Europe, for prostitution, cheap labour and drug peddling is also on the increase.

The recent death of twenty six young Nigerian girls in Italy under yet to be resolve circumstances is one of such unfortunate incidences.

Though investigation into their death is still on going, the basic fact remains that the lives have been lost.

What is needed is to stem the tide of these hazard and undocumented migration, these Nigerians embark on?

In their separate submissions, the President Ohaneze Ndigbo, Enugu State Chapter, Chief Chiedozie Ogbonnia and a founder of a youth organization, Pastor Beloved Dan Anike, advocated political stability, as guaranteed in peaceful, free and fair elections for socio-economic development.

The Chairman Trade Union Congress, Enugu State Chapter, Comrade  Igbokwe Chukwuma Igbokwe while urging the political class to make good governance their watch word, encouraged youths to think home and channel their energy and talent to productive ventures.

Comrade Igbokwe said that excessive quest for quick riches, idleness extravagant lifestyle and greed should be discouraged.